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History of ophthalmology told by posted stamps

Thierry ZEYEN
Prof. Dr. Em. of Ophthalmology

Théa Medical Library

OCT & Glaucoma

Prof. Jean-Paul Renard
Prof. Antoine Labbé
Prof. Christophe Baudouin

Théa Medical Library

Modern update of ocular and orbital Ultrasound

Prof. Dr. med. Mario de La Torre
Dr. Michel Puech
Dr. Peter Good

Théa Medical Library

The eye in history

Mr. Richard KEELER
Prof. Harminder S DUA

Théa Medical Library


Prof. Christophe Baudouin

Théa Medical Library

Practical OCT-Angiography

Dr Sylvia Nghiêm-Buffet
Sandrine Ayrault
Dr Corinne Delahaye-Mazza

Dr Typhaine Grenet
Dr Gabriel Quentel
Dr Franck Fajnkuchen
Prof. Salomon Yves Cohen

Preface by Prof. Eric Souied

Théa Medical Library

Chronic Corneal Ulcers

Prof. Marc Muraine & Dr Julie Gueudry
Prof. Bernard Duchesne
Dr. François Majo

Théa Medical Library

OCT and optic nerve

Prof. Jean-Philippe Nordmann

Théa Medical Library

OCT and Retina

Dr. Marie-Bénédicte Rougier
Prof. Marie-Noëlle Delyfer
Prof. Jean-François Korobelnik


Abak, pure technology in a bottle

After ten years of research, Théa invented in the 1990\’s the first multi-dose bottle capable of dispensing preservative-free eye drops, so enabling ophthalmogists to treat patients whilst protecting their full visual potential.


The Chibret Family

Through five generations of Chibret and 6 portraits, this brochure outlines their approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation, and portrays their strong personalities brimming with ideas and energy. They all shared the same desire to do business and the same passion for research and ophthalmology.